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Our Unique Leasing Program

Our Program takes the worry out property management issues with new tenants. 

  • Payments made timely on the first of each month

  • Our clients agree to a strick noise compliance agreement

  • We personally handle maintenance issues under $100

  • We have scheduled cleaning  at least twice a week

  • Maintenance inspections are completed monthly


We're looking for your unique properties

We are looking for unique homes and apartment units for our clientele Over the past year, many property owners, and property managers faced extreme difficulties to manage during the pandemic. 

Let us help share in providing a solution to vacancy issues of your valuable assets. 

If your property fits our criteria, we will be honored to send a representative to view the property personally. 

Please send any photos that you may have of the properties, with details of any special amenities they may have. You may also send us a link to your available corporate leasing properties for review.

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