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How Our Process Works. We begin by meeting with you personally or via  Video conference. This allows us to understand your personal needs and permits us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. A personal and comfortable fit built on understanding and trust is very important. As you can imagine each client has unique and special needs, thus we tailor our solutions to meet your individualized needs and circumstances.  We are an organization dedicated to providing personalized services and offering you an array of solutions that are tailored to your specific property needs.

Furnishings, kitchen facilities, basic cable or streaming service and high speed internet in all  apartments and homes.

Short & Long Term Rentals
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Whether you arrange temporary living for mobile employees or need temporary housing for yourself,

Serenity Home Services  can help you find an exceptional temporary living experience with the best housing options in the area.

Corporate & Professional Housing
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Executives and professionals that desire unique accommodations and special amenities can often have their requests met, through  our Concierge service.

Benefits To Property Owners

We address the concerns that many property owners and landlords have when renting units. Each property under our care will be well maintained and kept clean, with our daily or weekly  "cleaning/ maintenance schedule". Our maintenance team routinely checks for safety, broken/damaged fixtures, and normal wear and tear issues, that we repair or replace at our cost. We treat your properties like our own! 

Scheduled Maintenance
Routine Cleaning
Long Term Commitment
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If work needs to be done on your home to help increase the value of the property we can assist in that area too.  We can assist in a final cleaning of your property as part of our home downsizing and de-cluttering processing program to meet your specific goals.   If you are considering a transition from your current home living environment to a senior community, assisted living or retirement living, we can help.

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A Top notch cleaning team with a check list of mandatory cleaning supplies and crucial contact areas that must be sanitized on a routine basis.

Signing Contract

We can assist in creating a floor plan for items going into your new residence and help you unpack and organize. For items you wish to part with, we will arrange for the disposal of them or donate them to charitable organizations. We then work with you to determine a moving schedule. We manage your property and handle its contents like it's our own.

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